Many web server options can be changed within a directory's .htaccess file; see Apache HTTP Server documentation for options with a context of .htaccess.

Silk hosting offers control over several additional options by creating or editing your site's .silk.ini file (for example ~/www-root/.silk.ini). Settings will take effect within approximately ten minutes.

Make all pages use https

The silk hosting service redirects all pages to https: by default, making your site more secure. If you must allow insecure http: access to your pages, you can disable this. In the [general] section of your .silk.ini file, add an option like this:

redirect-insecure-http = no

Choices for this option are “truthy”: yes, true, 1, no, false, or 0.


The default value for this setting changed on March 18, 2019 from no to yes. Existing sites were configured for redirect-insecure-http = no so that existing behavior would remain the same.

Maximum HTTP request length

The number of bytes the server will accept from a browser for your pages. In the [general] section, add a max-request-length option with a numeric value, e.g.:

max-request-length = 209715200

If you expect particularly large web requests such as large file uploads, you might also want to adjust the HTTP request timeout.

HTTP request timeout

The number of seconds the server will wait for a full response from your pages before returning an error to the user's browser. In the [general] section, add a request-timeout option with a numeric value, e.g.:

request-timeout = 120