You can limit access to part of your web site using an .htaccess file created in the directory you want to protect. A few examples:

Require NetID authentication:

AuthType CAS
require valid-user

Allow only specific people:

AuthType CAS
require user firstnetid secondnetid thirdnetid

Allow only faculty and staff:

AuthType CAS
Require ldap-filter |(eduPersonAffiliation=Faculty)(eduPersonAffiliation=Staff)

Limit access to a proxied site

When access to your site is proxied through another web service, the authentication system might need to be informed so that users are sent back to the right place after logging in. If your site is proxied and authentication is not working as expected, you can overcome this by adding the following to your site's .silk.ini file.

proxy-root =

where should be replaced with the top URL that your site is proxied through.